Our aim is to provide a repair service that is second to none with a high level of professionalism & superior quality of work.
We offer a 10% discount on all our services for CTC members and all local cycling club members.
wefixanybike wefixanybike -Bike set up for child
-Pump up tyres to correct pressure, assess tyre condition
-Check wheel trueness
-Check wheel hub bearings
-Check bottom bracket
-Check headset
-Check for drivetrain wear
-Clean & lubricate drivetrain
-Clean & lubricate brake and gear cables
-Check & adjust brakes
-Check & adjust gears
-Check correct torque of all nuts and bolts
-A written report of works done & work required

(A child's bike service is a full safety check of the bicycle it includes the fitting of any cables, brake pads & basic parts. Estimations will be given on any extra work required. Parts are not included!

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